Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem.tm
is a new holistic complementary therapy that helps you look good and feel good. It integrates Three Ancient Alternative Healing Therapies: Traditional Chinese Meridians and Points, Vietnamese Face Mapping and South American Mapuche Facial Reflex Zones with modern neuro-anatomy.

Founder Lone Sorensen created this method during many years of observation while working with over 12,000 clients. Facial Reflexology sorensensistem.tm is practiced and taught world-wide. The Institute is based in Barcelona Spain and has been training therapists for 27 years. I t is known to offer the finest courses on reflexology in the world today. The Sorensensistem .tm is found in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Poland , Finland, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Japan and most recently she has been teaching in Dubai and Abu Dahbi.

Facial Reflexology is a wonderful experience for all ages

What does a treatment feel like?
The treatment begins by gently stimulating acupressure points releasing endorphins and serotonin to bring balance and serenity. A smooth gentle massage is conducted to find the largest deposit in your lower layer of facial tissue. The location of this deposit tells us which organ or system is your root cause of imbalance.

We then go on to stimulate the face in the disciplines mentioned above.
This stimulation works through the central nervous system to the brain and then onto the organ. The face with over 500 points offers the shortest path to the brain, offering us greater success and effectiveness. After your session you not only feel serene and relaxed, your inner health is balancing and your outer self is rejuvenated and glowing.

The Sorensensistem Tm is now an assortment of methods. Lone’s true love is her work with brain damaged children. She created Temprana: a therapy for children combining facial reflexology, hand reflexology, neuro foot reflexology, muscle stimulation, diet and music. This method is utilized by hospitals in Denmark and Spain.

Clients receiving Facial Reflexology were noticing a marked change in their faces and requested a more therapeutic facial so she developed two: The Cosmofacial and Japanese Facelift.

Facial Reflexology is a noninvasive gentle treatment where one remains completely clothed. It is helpful with a multitude of symptoms from everyday stress to stroke rehabilitation. Please see the "Sorensen Methods" drop down menu to learn more.

*The only product used during Facial Reflexology is a wild crafted Rosehip Oil from Argentina s protected Rainforest. The oil is naturally abundant in vitamin C helping to heal and renew the skin...









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